About Us

The mission of the Martin SWCD is to assist land users of Martin County in efficiently utilizing the soil and water resources in our county. The District will assist land users in increasing the productive use of cropland, pastureland, woodland, and urban land (small cities) while maintaining the soils base, water quality, tree production and wildlife production.

Martin SWCD Staff:

Dustin Benes – District Technician
dustin.martinswcd@gmail.com – 507-235-6680 Ext. 105

Ashley Brenke – District Manager
ashley.martinswcd@gmail.com – 507-235-6680 Ext. 106

Greg Johanson – Program Specialist
greg.johanson@mn.nacdnet.net – 507-235-6680 Ext. 116

Holly Petrowiak – Conservation Technician
holly.martinswcd@gmail.com – 507-235-6680 Ext. 107

Jesse Walters – Outreach Coordinator
jesse.martinswcd@gmail.com – 507-235-6680 Ext. 118